Premium Afghanistan Herat Super Negin Saffron (4 GRAMS) زعفران

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Product Description

Type : Super Negin Saffron

Net Weight: 4 Gram

Shelf life: 24 months from production

Why should you consume saffron from Noor Saffron Pakistan🇵🇰 ?

1. Official Partner of Herat Saffron Afghanistan.
2. The best quality saffron in the world.
3. Production and Packaging according to ISO and HACCP certified.
4. Authentic From Afghanistan.
5. World Class Quality Products.
6. Stock is always new.
7. Stock is always available.

How to consume: brew 3 SF 5 strands of saffron for 500 ml of warm water then consume in the morning and evening

Come on, Get Healthy with Herat!
The Best Saffron In The World!
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