Noor Saffron is the First Pakistani Saffron Brand. We are working on Noor Saffron Since 2018. When we start our saffron business we start just from half Kg then, we add more products like Saffron Rock Candy, Saffron Powder, Saffron Spray A Product of Herat Saffron. Noor Saffron is registered under Pakistan Government. When you Purchase with us, at least 5% of Annual Sale is Donated to Needy People.


When we Start Saffron business we face many issues like from where we purchase and to whom we can sale the Saffron in Pakistan. Then we work on it and find some good Farmers in Afghanistan and Iran. We purchase direct from the farmer and available Saffron/Zaffran in all Pakistan since 2018. We have a good Relation with our farmers.



Noor Saffron Mission is to Give Best and Pure Saffron to All their Customers. Our Mission is to Available Noor Saffron in All the Famous Departmental Stores in Pakistan Like AL-Fatah, Carrefour, Metro, Etc. It will be Available in every house إِنْ شَاءَ ٱللَّٰهُ.



We achieve Distribution of Herat Saffron in all over Pakistan.
We Achieve Good Customers in Indonesia.
We Achieve Good Customers in China.
We Achieve Good Customers in All over Pakistan.